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Apr 30, 2010


300 Sensational Soups (Paperback)300 Sensational Soups (Paperback)


Packed with easy-to-use recipes that produce reliable and flavorful results. (The Plain Dealer (Cleveland) 20090114)

From chilled soups to chowders, this book is filled to the brim with delicious recipes. (Jeff Houck The Tampa Tribune 20090318)

This cookbook brims with great recipes and is highly recommended. (Larry Cox Tucson Citizen 20081223)

I found a lot of new and interesting ideas when I leafed through the new 300 Sensational Soups. These recipes cover a lot of ground... But what really grabbed my attention was the wealth of creative recipes. (Michael Hastings Journal Now )

The book is full of yummy, mouthwatering recipes and tons of helpful tips for a souper experience in home cooking. (Brenda Junkin Plain Dealer (Cleveland) )

There were many good soup books published in 2008,... this one was my favorite because of its variety and creativity. (Sara Molton, "Good Morning America" food editor ABC News )

Microplane Grater/Zester
Microplane Grater/ZesterFor fluffy, evenly sized cheese shreds, this is the perfect grater. Its design is based on that of a rasp, the small and efficient woodworking tool. The cutters are especially sharp, which guarantees easy grating. But this also means you'll need to exercise extra caution--no one likes grated knuckles. The large handle allows for a firm grip, and the completely flat grating surface makes it easy to move the cheese across the blades. Carrots, onions, and medium to firm cheeses all worked beautifully with this grater. It's also an excellent choice for larger strips of citrus zest or ginger.

DII Microfiber Juicy Lime Terry Dish Cloth, Set of 6DII Microfiber Juicy Lime Terry Dish Cloth, Set of 6

Product Description

DII's blues microfiber cloth set of 6 is a hard-working, and long-lasting towel set. Each blues microfiber sponge Set of 3 includes one each three shades of blue towels. These cloths work well for dish-washing, cleaning, and dusting without using harmful chemicals. Microfiber 's innate hook and loop construction allows it to attract, absorb, and wipe out grime with lint-free cleaning. Microfiber absorbs up to 7 times its weight in liquid. Content is 80-percent polyester/20-percent polyamide and is machine washable, no bleach. The bright color brings cheer to any kitchen. Browse through all of design imports products for more ideas for gifts and for the home.