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May 20, 2010

Creamy Ranch Potatoes (crockpot)

Creamy Ranch Potatoes (crockpot)

2 lbs. small red potatoes, quartered

8 oz. cream cheese, softened

1 envelope buttermilk ranch dry salad dressing mix

1 can cream of potato soup

Place ptoatoes in a 3.5 quart crockpot. In a small bowl combine

cream cheese and salad dressing mix. Stir in soup. Add potatoes.

Cover and cook on low for 7-9 hours or on high for 3-1/2 to 4-1/2

hours. Stir to blend before serving.

Cheese and Sausage Appetizers

1 pound shredded Cheddar cheese, room temperature

1/2 pound butter or margarine, softened

2 cups all-purpose flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon black or cayenne pepper

8 ounces pork sausage, cooked and drained

In large mixer bowl, combine cheese, butter, flour, salt and pepper. Beat with electric mixer on medium-low speed. Stir in cooked sausage. Form dough into 1-in. balls; place on ungreased baking sheet. Bake at 400 degrees F for 15-20 minutes or until light golden brown. Serve warm or cold. Store in refrigerator or freezer.

Cucumber salad

2 cucumbers - peeled, seeded and chopped

1 cup sour cream

1 cup plain yogurt

1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley

1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1/2 teaspoon salt

In a medium bowl, combine the cucumber, sour cream, yogurt, parsley, cilantro, cumin and salt. Mix well. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours before serving.