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Jan 3, 2010



1/2 cup (125 mL) Smucker's® Peach Jam

Juice of 1 lemon (about 1/4 cup or 50 mL)

1 small onion, finely chopped

1 tsp (5 mL) minced garlic

1/4 tsp (1 mL) allspice

1/4 tsp (1 mL) salt

1/4 tsp (1 mL) freshly ground pepper

1 large ripe mango, peeled, pitted and finely chopped


1.Combine all ingredients for salsa except mango; mix well. Fold in mango. Cover and chill.



2/3 cup (150 mL) Smucker's® No Sugar Apricot Spread

1 tbsp (15 mL) lemon juice

1 tsp (5 mL) prepared mustard

1/2 tsp (1 mL) grated lemon peel

pinch salt


1.In small saucepan, combine all sauce ingredients; heat until bubbly. Serve sauce with fish.



1/2 cup (125 mL) Smucker's® Strawberry Jelly or Apricot Jam

2 tbsp (30 mL) soy sauce

2-3 tsp (10-15 mL) Worcestershire sauce

1/2 cup (125 mL) wine vinegar


1.In a small saucepan, combine all ingredients. Bring to a boil and simmer 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Serve hot with roast beef, lamb, pork or poultry.


3/4 cup (175 mL) Jam & Salad Vinaigrette

2 tbsp (30 mL) lemon juice

1 clove garlic, minced

1/4 cup (50 mL) chopped fresh oregano or 1 tsp (5 mL) dried oregano

1 eggplant, sliced into 1/2” (1 cm) slices on the diagonal

1 large sweet onion, peeled and slice in ½” (1 cm) rounds

2 medium zucchini, sliced in 1/2” (1 cm) slices on the diagonal

2 portobello mushrooms, trimmed and cut in thick slices

6 large oyster mushrooms, cleaned, trimmed and cut in thick slices

2 sweet red peppers, halved, cored and seeded

1/2 lb (250 g) feta cheese, cubed

salt and pepper to taste


1.Combine Jam & Salad Vinaigrette, lemon juice, garlic and oregano.

2.Brush eggplant, onion, zucchini and mushrooms with dressing mixture. Sprinkle with salt. Grill for a few minutes per side until browned and cooked through. Arrange on serving platter.

3.Grill peppers, skin side down, for a few minutes, or until blackened. Cool and peel. Cut into strips and arrange on platter with other vegetables. Scatter feta cheese over vegetables.

4.Drizzle remaining dressing over vegetables and cheese.

Makes: 6-8 servings

Three-Cheese Sausage Lasagna Recipe

1-1/2 pounds bulk Italian sausage

6 tablespoons butter

6 tablespoons all-purpose flour

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon pepper

3 cups 2% milk

9 lasagna noodles, cooked and drained

6 slices part-skim mozzarella cheese, cut in half

6 slices provolone cheese, cut in half

1/3 cup grated Romano cheese


In a large skillet, cook sausage over medium heat until no longer pink; drain and set aside.

In a small saucepan, melt butter. Stir in the flour, salt and pepper until smooth. Gradually stir in milk. Bring to a boil over medium heat; cook and stir for 2 minutes or until thickened. Remove from the heat.

In a greased 13-in. x 9-in. baking dish, layer a fourth of the white sauce, three noodles, half of the sausage and four pieces each of mozzarella and provolone. Repeat layers once. Spoon half of the remaining sauce over the top. Layer with remaining noodles, sauce, mozzarella and provolone; sprinkle with Romano.

Bake, uncovered, at 350° for 30-35 minutes or until heated through. Let stand for 15 minutes before cutting. Yield: 12 servings.

Meatball Sub Sandwiches Recipe

2 eggs, lightly beaten

1 cup dry bread crumbs

2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese

2 tablespoons finely chopped onion

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

1/4 teaspoon Italian seasoning

2 pounds ground beef

1 jar (28 ounces) spaghetti sauce

Additional Parmesan cheese, and sliced onion and green peppers, optional

12 sandwich rolls, split


In a large bowl, combine the first eight ingredients. Crumble beef over mixture and mix well. Shape into 1-in. balls. Place in a single layer in a 3-qt. microwave-safe dish.

Cover and microwave on high for 3-4 minutes. Turn meatballs; cook 3-4 minutes longer or until no longer pink. Drain. Add spaghetti sauce.

Cover and microwave on high for 2-4 minutes or until heated through. Top with Parmesan cheese, onion and green peppers if desired. Serve on rolls. Yield: 12 servings



2 to 3 cups of Nine Bean Soup Mix

1 pound ham, diced

1 large onion, chopped

1 clove garlic, chopped

1 10 ounce can Rotel tomatoes and green chilis

1 16 ounce can tomatoes and liquid, broken up

Salt and pepper to taste.

Wash and sort beans. Place in a Dutch oven and cover with water 2

Inches above beans. Let soak overnight. Drain beans. Cover with water

And add the other ingredients. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and

Simmer, covered, for about 2 hours until the beans are done. Stir

Occasionally to prevent sticking. Add a little bit of water to

Prevent the sticking. Adjust seasonings.


1/3 c. Butter, at room temperature

1 c. Sugar

1 tsp. Baking powder

1 tsp. Ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp. Salt

2 eggs

1 tsp. Vanilla

2 1/4 c. Flour, plus extra for rolling dough

1 3/4 c. Sliver almonds, toasted and ground (about 7 oz.)

3 oz. White chocolate, chopped

1 tbsp. Shortening

1/3 c. Red cinnamon candies, crushed

1/3 c. Coarse decorating sugar


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line baking sheets with parchment paper. In a large bowl using an electric mixer on medium-high heat, beat butter for 30 seconds. Add sugar and beat until combined. Beat in baking powder, cinnamon and salt. Beat in eggs and vanilla extract. In a medium bowl, combine flour and almonds. Reduce speed to low and add flour mixture, mixing as much flour mixture into butter mixture as you can, then stir in remaining flour mixture. On a lightly floured surface, roll or pat dough into 2 rectangles, approximately 14-by-7-inches and about 1/2 inch thick. Cut crosswise in 1/2-inch wide sticks. Use a metal spatula to transfer to baking sheets, placing 1 inch apart. Bake 8 to 10 minutes or until firm and edges are lightly browned. Remove from oven and cool 1 minute before transferring cookies to a wire rack to cool completely.

In a small saucepan over low heat, melt white chocolate and shortening, stirring constantly. In a wide shallow bowl, combine crushed candies and sugar. Dip sticks in white chocolate then in candy mixture. Place on waxed paper to set.

Flavorful Oriental Chicken

Flavorful Oriental Chicken

2/3 cup water

2 teaspoon cornstarch

4 skinned, boned chicken breasts, cut in strips

4 tablespoons oil

2 (10 ounce) package Japanese style vegetables

4 tablespoons salted peanuts

2 tablespoon soy sauce

1 teaspoon ginger

Combine water and cornstarch; set aside. Saute chicken in oil in skillet

stirring until meat just turns white, approximately 5 minutes. Add vegetables,

peanuts, soy sauce, ginger and cornstarch mixture. Bring to a full boil over

medium heat, separating vegetables with a fork and stirring. Reduce heat; cover

and simmer 4 minutes.

Serves 4

Date and Nut Muffins

Date and Nut Muffins
Rumford Baking Powder, 10-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 6)Rumford Baking Powder, 10-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 6)4.50 for 10oz can bulk
Dr. Oetker Baking Powder 6 PackDr. Oetker Baking Powder 6 PackJust $3.88

1 1/2 cups chopped dates

3/4 cup boiling water

1 tsp baking soda

1 3/4 cups flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup chopped walnuts

2 eggs

3/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup melted butter

1 teaspoon vanila

In a small bowl, combine dates, boiling water and baking soda.

In another small bowl, combine flour, baking powder, salt and walnuts.

In a large bowl, beat eggs until light and frothy. Beat in brown sugar, melted

butter and vanilla. Add date mixture to egg mixture in large bowl, stir to

combine. Add flour mixture to date and egg mixture, stir until just combined.

Spoon batter into greased of paper lined muffin tins. Bake at 400 degrees F. for

20 to 25 minutes.

Bacon-Cheddar Quiche

Bacon-Cheddar Quiche

1/2 15-ounce package folded refrigerated unbaked piecrusts (1 crust)

6 slices bacon

3 beaten eggs

1 12-ounce can (1 1/2 cups) evaporated milk

1 4-ounce package shredded cheddar cheese

3 green onions, thinly sliced

Let pie crust stand at room temperature for 15 to 20 minutes according to package

directions. Meanwhile, cook bacon till crisp; drain on paper towels. Crumble


In a mixing bowl combine eggs and milk. Stir in cheese, onions, and bacon.

Place piecrust in a 9-inch pie plate. Flute edges high. Line crust with a

layer of heavy-duty foil. Bake in a 450 degree oven for 5 minutes. Carefully

remove foil from piecrust and bake about 5 minutes more or till piecrust is

nearly done. Remove piecrust from the oven. Reduce the oven temperature to 325


Pour egg mixture into hot piecrust. Bake in a 325 degree oven for 30 to 35

minutes or till a knife inserted near the center comes out clean. Let stand 10

minutes before serving. Makes 6 servings

Slow Cooker Turkey with Sage and Bacon

Slow Cooker Turkey with Sage and Bacon

6-pound bone-in turkey breast, thawed if frozen and skin removed

1/2 teaspoon garlic pepper

8 small red potatoes, cut into fourths

1 1/2 cups baby-cut carrots

4 slices cooked bacon, crumbled

1 jar (12 ounces) roasted turkey gravy

2 tablespoons Gold Medal� all-purpose flour

3/4 teaspoon dried sage leaves

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

1. Spray 5- to 6-quart slow cooker with cooking spray. Place turkey in cooker. Sprinkle with garlic pepper. Place potatoes and carrots around turkey. Mix bacon, gravy, flour, sage and Worcestershire sauce in small bowl; pour over turkey and vegetables.

2. Cover and cook on Low heat setting 7 to 8 hours.

3. Serve turkey with vegetables and gravy.

South West Beef and Rice Skillet

South West Beef & Rice Skillet

* 1 lb lean ground beef

* 1 cup water

* 1/2 cup salsa (use your favorite or make your own)

* 1 can (15 oz) tomato sauce

* 1 1/2 cups quick cooking rice

* 1 cup frozen whole kernel corn

* 1 cup chopped red bell pepper

* 1 can (15 oz) black beans, rinsed & drained

* salt and black pepper to taste

1. Brown beef in large heavy skillet.

2. Add water, salsa and tomato sauce. Bring to a boil.

3. Stir in rice, corn, bell pepper and beans. Bring heat down to low, cover and

simmer for 10-15 minutes - until rice is cooked

Pork Paprikash

Pork Paprikash

Serves 4

Coarse salt and ground pepper

8 ounces wide egg noodles

1 tablespoon butter, cut into pieces

1 pork tenderloin (about 1 pound), excess fat and silver skin removed, halved

lengthwise, then cut

2 tablespoons sweet paprika

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 medium onion, chopped

1 can (14 ounces) whole peeled tomatoes in juice

1/2 cup sour cream

Chopped parsley, for garnish (optional)

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Cook noodles until tender; drain

and return to pot. Stir in butter; cover and set aside.

Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, combine pork with 1 tablespoon paprika; season with

salt and pepper, and toss to coat. In a large skillet, heat 1 tablespoon oil

over medium-high; cook pork, tossing occasionally, until lightly browned on all

sides, 3 to 5 minutes. Transfer to a plate (reserve skillet).

Return skillet to stove; reduce heat to medium. Add remaining tablespoon oil and

onion; cook until onion is soft, 4 to 5 minutes. Add pork, remaining tablespoon

paprika, tomatoes with their juice, and 1/2 cup water; bring to a boil. Reduce

to a simmer; cook, until sauce is slightly thickened, breaking up tomatoes with

a spoon, 2 to 4 minutes.

Remove skillet from heat, and stir in sour cream; season with salt and pepper.

Serve paprikash over noodles, garnished with parsley, if desired.

Low-Fat Mocha Angel Cake


1 box Betty Crocker® white angel food cake mix

1 1/4 cups cold coffee

1 tablespoon unsweetened baking cocoa

Chocolate candy sprinkles

Mocha Topping

1 envelope whipped topping mix (from 2.8-oz package)

1/2 cup cold fat-free (skim) milk

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla

2 tablespoons powdered sugar

2 teaspoons unsweetened baking cocoa

1. Move oven rack to middle position (remove other racks). Heat oven to 350°F. In extra-large glass or metal bowl, beat cake mix, cold coffee and 1 tablespoon cocoa with electric mixer on low speed 30 seconds; beat on medium speed 1 minute. Pour into two ungreased 9-inch loaf pans. Sprinkle with candy sprinkles.

2. Bake 35 to 45 minutes or until top is dark golden brown and cracks feel very dry and not sticky. Do not underbake. Immediately place each loaf pan on its side on heatproof surface. Cool completely, about 1 hour. Run knife around sides of pans to loosen cakes; remove from pans.

3. Make topping mix as directed on package using milk and vanilla; add powdered sugar and 2 teaspoons cocoa for the last minute of beating.

4. Serve cake with topping. Sprinkle with additional candy sprinkles if desired. Store in refrigerator.