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Jul 2, 2011

4th of july Bash with Mr. Food

A S'more; melted marshmallow and milk chocolat...Image via Wikipedia

Easy Recipes for Your 4th of July Bash

American Berry Trifle (pictured above) — Four simple ingredients is all you'll need for this show-stopping patriotic dessert ...more

Frozen S'mores - Everybody loves s'mores, you know, the campfire treats made with graham crackers, chocolate ...more

Raspberry Margaritas - Serve these in sugar-rimmed glasses. How do you do that? Turn your tall drinking glasses ...more

Devilishly Good Eggs - Deviled Eggs are a family favorite that never goes out of style. And whether we serve our ...more

Everything Coleslaw - Everybody has his or her own opinion of the best time to have coleslaw - some have to ...more

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