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Jan 5, 2012

18 Low-Cal, Low-Cost Recipes |Country Cooking Recipes

1.  Bean 'n' Veggie Soft Tacos — Vegetarian and protein-filled, these soft tacos are ...more
2. Fettuccine Alfredo with Peas and Carrots — For extra color & flavor, we added peas ...more
3. Chicken Under Wraps — By wrapping the skinless chicken in lettuce leaves, the ...more
4. Lighter Stacked Taco Salad — Not only is our Lighter Stacked Taco Salad great ...more

5.  Hamburger Steaks with Sweet and Sour Onions Ground beef is a best bet when ...more
6. Turkey Goulash — If you're wondering why so many of recipes call for ground turkey ...more
7. Roasted Veggie Melt — Although this sandwich is at its best served hot, it's really ...more
8. Spiced Sweet Potato Wedges — How sweet (and spicy) it is! It seems like the ginger ...more
9. Topless Sloppy Joes — Feeling daring? Go topless with open-faced Sloppy Joes ...more
10.  Country Pork Loaf — It's in the beans. Yup, the secret to making this so good ...more
11. Black Bean Fritters — So, you thought fritters had to be fried in lots of oil? Not true! ...more
12. Lighter Burgers — One of America's favorites is burgers. Well, here's a way to enjoy ...more
13. Pork and Bean Chili — This Pork and Bean Chili recipe will please everyone in your ...more
14.  Quick Baked Falafel — This is a baked version of the popular Middle Eastern dish ...more
15. Mean 'n' Lean Beef Stew — You can still enjoy the great flavor of your old ...more

16. Lemon Glazed Sweet Rolls — Wait until you taste these Lemon Glazed Sweet Rolls ...more
17.  Applesauce Bread — Here's a goodie where we've been able to replace all-purpose ...more
18. "In the Can" Cake — How about serving this with some reduced-fat cream cheese ...more

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