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Jun 26, 2012

Mr. Food Updates Awesome Chicken Dinners | Country Cooking Recipes

1. Chicken Piccata — This easy chicken dish that hails from Italy gets its classic flavor from the splash of lemon, the elegance of ...more

2. Baja Chicken — Looking for an easy way to spice up your life? Here's how, with our recipe for Baja...more
3. Easy Chicken Fricassee — One of the few main dishes that First Lady Mary Lincoln could get her husband, President Abe Lincoln ...more

4. Chicken Cacciatore in a Flash — It's the end result that counts when it comes to a great meal. Here's a chicken cacciatore ...more
5. Skillet Chicken and Veggies — Quick-cooking, budget-friendly, versatile chicken breasts and frozen mixed veggies are dressed ...more

6. North End Skillet Chicken — Just imagine how different our history might be if Paul Revere had stayed home that eventful night ...more
7. Skillet Barbecued Chicken — When we crave the taste of barbecue but the weather isn't cooperating, we can grab a skillet ...more

8. Southern Chicken with Peaches — A viewer shared this recipe with Mr. Food when he was visiting one of his TV stations in the ...more
9. Chicken Pierogi Skillet — The easy convenience of a variety of frozen foods makes this kid-pleasing Chicken Pierogi Skillet ...more
10. Quick Chicken Marsala — What makes this old favorite so good? It's the rich, nutty taste of the wine simmered with the butter ...more
  There's nothing like a classic chicken skillet for a taste of that...