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Jun 16, 2012

Summer Time Foods

Homemade Country Potatoe Salad

6 medium potatoes 
1 small onion chopped 
1 C. chopped celery 
1 tsp. celery seed 
1 tsp. salt 
4 hard cooked eggs, diced 

2 eggs well beaten 
3/4 C. sugar 
1 tsp. cornstarch 
salt to taste 
1/4 to 1/2 cup vinegar (to taste) 
1/2 C. cream or evaporated milk 
1 tsp. yellow mustard 
3 T. butter, softened 
1 C. mayonnaise 

Mix eggs with sugar, cornstarch and salt. Add vinegar 
cream and mustard. Cook until thickened. Remove from 
heat and beat in butter. Add mayo and mix until smooth. 

Cook potatoes in their jackets until tender. Cool. 
Peel and dice. 

Mix potatoes gently with the remaining ingredients; 
then add to cooled dressing. Fold gently and chill.