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Dec 17, 2013

Facts on Oxygen Absorbers and How They Work - Country Cooking Recipes

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What are Oxygen Absorbers and how do they work?
Oxygen absorbers use a base metal (iron) and a basic chemical reaction (oxidation) to remove and sequester oxygen inside the little packet.  If you open a packet up you will see a dark gray or black substance, which is just powdered iron.  As a packet is used up, the material inside the packet will become a little hard and crunchy, and will turn a reddish brown.
How Many Oxygen Absorbers Should I use?
A general rule of thumb is to use 300-500cc of oxygen absorber per gallon of food you are storing.
A little chart on how that works out:
1 Quart Bag - 100cc oxygen absorber
1 Gallon Bag - 1-2 300cc oxygen absorbers
2 Gallon Bag - 2-500cc oxygen absorbers or 1-1000cc oxygen absorber
5 Gallon Bag - 1-2 2000cc oxygen absorbers or 2-3 1000cc oxygen absorbers