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Aug 23, 2010

Julia Childs Menu CookBook | Country Cooking Recipes

Julia Child and More Company

A classic cookbook for entertaining
More of the wonderful dishes she cooks for her company. 

More gala feasts of every kind - from an old-fashioned chicken dinner to an elegant lobster lunch to a lavish menu (you can do it solo) for a crowd. 

Her detailed recipes for everything she demonstrates on her second cooking-for-company television series, And More!. 

Chapters include: UFO'S in Wine, Country Dinner, Butterflied Pork for Party, Fast fish Dinner, Cassoulet for a Crowd, 

Old Fashioned Chicken dinner, Soup for Supper, A Vegetarian Caper, Lobster Souffle for Lunch, Picnic, Rack of Lamb for Very Special Occasion, Summer Dinner, Buffet Dinner, Q & A Culinary Gazetteer. 

I love this book. Not only does Julia provide full menu recipes, but she also adds very interesting tidbits about the ingredients, making this more than just a book you look at when you want to prepare a meal. I learned more about mussells in this book than I have from several chefs and several years of eating them.

Wanda Rawlins
Country Cooking Recipes