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Jul 9, 2011

Bakers Secret Basics nonstick

Baker's Secret 116424001 Basics Nonstick 24-Cup Mini Muffin PanI got two of the BAKER'S SECRET BASICS NONSTICK 24-Cup Mini Muffin Pans, I really like and use them a lot specially during the Holidays, I don't have any Problems with Food getting stuck to the Pans, However, I use Mini-Baking Paper Cups is nicer to get a Mini-Cupcake with Foil or Paper Cup, I make so many Mini-Muffins or Mini-Cupcakes and give them as Gifts, I got these Pans about two years ago, and still look as Good as New! 
This pan is great for baking mini treats. So far, I've made cupcakes, muffins, and peanut butter chocolate chip cookie cups and they all turned out well. I use them with paper and without, and everything slides out of the pan easily.

I bake a LOT, and muffins and cupcakes are in my rotation quite a bit. I received this pan from my hubby for Christmas and this pan is by far the best pan I've owned (and I have owned a lot). I made muffins today and sprayed the pan with cooking spray and the clean-up was beyond easy, the spray just beaded up and wiped right off. The muffins released easily and clean-up was a non-event.

Baker's Secret Basics Nonstick 12-Cup Muffin PanThis pan may not be the cheapest, you can either buy good (this one made of carbon steel), or you can buy inexpensive and buy your pan again later, but I say buy the quality and you will have years of happy baking.
From someone who bakes frequently, I would encourage you to pick this pan up. It would also make a great gift along with a muffin or cupcake cookbook for a friend or bride-to-be.

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