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Sep 29, 2009

The Most Common Calorie Cuts--Do They Make a Difference?

Trade Your Vanilla Lattes for Skinny Vanilla Lattes? WORTH IT!

Starbucks Vanilla Latte, 2% milk, Grande - 250 calories and 6g fat
Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte, Grande - 130 calories and 0g fat

If you drink a Starbucks Vanilla Latte every day, simply switching to the Skinny version would add up to 12.5 pounds of weight loss over a year. We think THAT is worth making the switch.

Real Sugar Packets in Your Coffee or a Sugar Substitutes? DEPENDS

If you just have one cup of regular coffee with one sugar packet in the morning, it's not really worth changing over to a calorie-free sweetener. That sugar packet only has 15 calories. But if you put three packets in each coffee cup or you drink sugar-sweetened coffee all day long, the switch is worth it.


Ditch Regular Soda for Diet Soda? DO IT!

Coca-Cola Classic, 1 can - 143 calories and 0g fat
Coke Zero, 1 can - 0 calories and 0g fat

Kicking a daily habit of a can of sugary soda could easily shave off 15 pounds in a year! TOO MUCH SUGAR, PEOPLE! We know plenty of soda-drinkers will never make the switch to diet soda, but ANY no-calorie substitute will do the trick. So try unsweetened iced tea, Vitaminwater10, sugar-free drinks... or even better, WATER.
Change Your Cheeseburgers to Hamburgers? NOT SO MUCH

McDonald's Cheeseburger - 300 calories and 12g fat
McDonald's Hamburger - 250 calories and 9g fat

Our calculations predict 5 pounds saved for skipping the cheese on a basic fast-food-style burger. However, leaving the average cheese slices off regular full-sized burgers would save around 8 pounds a year. We know you're not eating burgers every day (right???), but this could go either way. Sure, it could subtract a few pounds, but if you LOVE cheese, it's probably not that worth it... because if you're really that calorie-concerned, you're better off not eating burgers in the first place.
Give Up Regular Potato Chips for Baked Potato Chips? BAKE IT UP!

Lay's Classic, 1.125-oz. bag - 230 calories and 15g fat
Baked! Lay's Original, 1.125-oz. bag - 130 calories and 2g fat

Going from regular chips to baked chips could potentially take 10 pounds off in a year without you doing anything but eating a small bag of less-greasy chips each day in place of regular ones. If you're the type who snarfs a bag of crisps with lunch or as a snack, we think it's worth the swap since you're still getting a nice salty crunch.
Nix half the dressing served with your salad? YOU BET...

Ranch dressing, 2 oz. - 145 calories and 15g fat
Ranch dressing, 1 oz. - 72 calories and 7.5g fat

If you order salad at a restaurant, even if you're smart enough to order the dressing on the side, pouring that whole tub of dressing on top of your greens won't do you any favors. Use half the amount (do you REALLY need all that goo?), and you could lose up to 7 pounds in a year. But an even better choice? Go for the light or reduced-fat dressings... and leave some of that giant tub over, too.